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Barack Obama Reportedly Banking $400k for Wall Street Speech

Posted April 25, 2017 under Politics

Barack Obama

$400k Fee for Wall Street Speech

… Hypocrisy?

4/25/2017 2:19 PM PDT

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Barack Obama‘s getting in bed with Wall Street … he’s reportedly getting $400,000 to address a group of people he once referred to as “fat cats.”

Obama’s signed on to be the keynote speaker at a Wall Street health care conference run by Cantor Fitzgerald, and the news has the former president’s critics chomping at the bit. He’s made no secret of his disdain for some Wall Street bankers.

FOX Business says Obama’s signed on the dotted line, but final details are still being ironed out before a formal announcement.

Pretty sweet gig though … that’s an entire year of POTUS salary in a single day. It’s also double what Hillary Clinton┬ápreviously commanded on the speech circuit.

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