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Broncos' Garret Bolles Spit Shamed at Rookie Hot Dog Eating Contest

Posted August 9, 2017 under Sports

Broncos’ Garret Bolles

Spit Shamed

At Rookie Hot Dog Eating Contest

8/9/2017 8:36 AM PDT

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Denver Broncos rookie Garett Bolles is no Joey Chestnut  — and was booed out of a rookie hot dog eating contest last night when he grabbed a trashcan and prepared to blow chunks. 

Bolles — the 20th pick in the ’17 draft — lined up next to guys like Cameron Hunt, Elijah Wilkinson and Jake Butt to put on a wiener gobbling show for the vets and coaches. 

Hunt crushed it … Bolles blew it. 

The team was so disappointed in the lineman, they gave him the “Game of Thrones” shame treatment — chanting at him as he left the contest without a shirt or his pride. 

C’mon dog … do better. 

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