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President Trump Tells Astronaut 'Better You Than Me' on Drinkable Urine (VIDEO)

Posted April 24, 2017 under Politics

President Trump to Astronaut

Drinkable Urine?!?

… ‘Better You Than Me’

4/24/2017 9:08 AM PDT

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President Trump was pretty dumbfounded after learning NASA astronauts are drinking their own urine in space … and he has a message for them — “Better you than me!!”

The prez on Monday asked Peggy Whitson — who video chatted as the new NASA record holder for most days in space — what astronauts are learning up there.

Peggy revealed this golden nugget — astronauts are purifying their urine to make it drinkable!

Trump’s reaction to the news is written all over his face, but he pulled it together to voice the perfect comeback.

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